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Getting lawyers, who are trained to argue, to agree on strategy can be frustrating. Even when there is agreement, putting a strategy into effect so often meets apathy and resistance. 

Iwan Thomas Associates provides you with a complete three-part strategic planning and accountability process that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to:

The process ensures that everyone is heard, and builds in accountability for action. Most law firms complete the process in a series of one to three facilitated meetings.

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It is difficult to sell legal services, and the "double glazing" approach does not work. The "Slingshot" Sales System allows you to ascertain and meet client needs in a professional manner which is also effective. Contact us for details.


The main difference between law firms is increasingly their people and how they are managed. Lawyers can benefit from coaching in the same way as any other executive. However, they are in some ways a special case.

The qualities that make a good lawyer are not necessarily those that make a good manager. They may even get in the way, yet most lawyers will not become a full time manager but continue to practice at the same time. They therefore have to use both sets of qualities in parallel. And solicitors may not be owner managers so much as owner producers.

And of course managing lawyers has been likened to herding cats. A directive style does not work.IMPACT logo

Who better to understand than a solicitor formerly in practice, who has also managed law firms?

Coaching Types Overlap

Business coaching and executive coaching overlap, but broadly the emphasis in business coaching is on what the business as a whole does, in executive coaching on what the executive does. For example, the job of the Managing Partner of a large practice is to ensure that the marketing department does its job rather than to do it themselves. In a smaller practice, the a partner is probably going to spend some of their time marketing and selling themselves. We can structure executive coaching through the Six Sigma based Mastermind process, and business coaching using the proprietary CASTLE-R model.

We can work with you on a one to one basis or as part of a group. We also offer a limited number of VIP coaching days .

We provide

Business Tune Up Day 

MasterMind Executive Coaching 

Employee Engagement Coaching

First 90 Coaching in a New Role

Developing Mental Toughness 

Preparing for Partnership

Leadership Coaching

High Performance Coaching Academy 

Skills Development

Business Coaching 

Redundancy Coaching

Coaching can also be supported by the New Alchemy Performance Assistant  desktop resource for managers and partners. For a free trial, click here (takes you to external website). 

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